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This was a lovely happy ending for a sweet little miniature pinscher who's owners were so happy to see him and bring him home. I'm so glad for my neighbor and I working together to find him his home. It was such a nice moment to see them reunited with their dog.

April F.

I received a phone call from someone who saw my post. My dog had only been gone a few hours, but he's an indoor dog and doesn't know what cars can do. My Andy Magee was about 5 miles from home, and there were about 12 really nice people from the neighborhood waiting with him.

Thank you, Fido Finder!

Cindy S.

January 27th 2015 our dog Kloe ran away. Today a person who has a heart of gold got ahold of me telling me she found our dog. She had her for awhile and took care of her. If it wasn't for posting on Fido Finder, she wouldn't be home. This website is the best!

Kali T.

Thank you very much for your services. Our dog went missing so we started posting fliers in our local neighborhood. I also listed my missing dog on FidoFinder.com. Someone from our neighborhood had seen the missing dog flier before they went out for dinner in a neighboring town several miles from where we live. When they were returning from dinner, they saw a dog that resembled ours. Since she didn't take down information from the flier, she did some Google searches to see if she could find information online. She found our information on Fido Finder and left me her contact information. I found the email the following morning and called her. She told me where she had seen the dog and it was far from home. I put up fliers all over that area and a farmer called us a few days later after seeing our fliers in that area and then spotting our dog on his property. They watched the dog until we could get there and showed us where she was headed. It was a happy reunion.

My biggest regret is not paying a few extra dollars to list her picture and my phone number when I posted her as missing on FidoFinder.com. If I had done that, the lady that found this add would have been able to call me directly and we could have found her days sooner. This lady followed our dog for quite a while hoping I would call her back right away after I saw the email so she could guide me to where to find her. Since I didn't see the email until the next morning, I lost out on that opportunity. I immediately upgraded to add a picture , phone number, and posting to our local shelters. It IS worth every penny! That upgrade would have brought our dog home three days sooner had I just done that when I submitted the post.

I really feel that Fido Finder is responsible for the information that lead to us finding our pet and allowing us to post our fliers in the appropriate area to bring her back home. Thank you!

Shane B.

Oh em gee!!!! I want to thank you so much for helping the pets we've lost come back home. I found my dog Bronx Bomber at the animal foundation on July 23rd. It was a very long day for me and being registered at all the organization's, societies, shelters and social media takes its toll on someone. I kept looking for Bronx because I know that if I were lost he would keep looking for me. Thank you so much for having Fido Finder.

Dorothy G.

Peanut has been located.

All thanks to an observant lady and your website. Keep up the good work I'm so happy I found you.

Yvonne A.

Thank you so so much to be here. I was going nuts. A woman found Duke yesterday pretty far from our house, while she was herself looking for her missing dog. She took him home, she looked on your website to find if Duke was reported missing and he was!

Thank you so so much FIDO FINDER!!!

Inspired by our success she has also reported her missing dog on your website and we will be helping her posting flyers for her Olivia in our neighborhood.


Veronique A.

Marshall went missing the night of July 2nd after he chased a bear and was scared into the woods. He was found this morning hiding under a mans porch. The woman at the pound (a kill shelter) looked online and saw his profile AND CALLED TO CONFIRM SHE HAD FOUND OUR BOY! SO HAPPY! IN THE PAST IF YOUR DOG WAS LOST WITHOUT ANY ID IT WAS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO BRING THEM HOME. Now online the world knows who your best friend is and can bring them home. Thank you!

Nicole E.

I would like to thank you for this website. The family dog broke a window in a panic during a storm. We searched for hours, put up fliers, and went door to door. I found your site and without much hope entered our info. Five hours later a wonderful man named Dave had spotted our Chelsea. When we go to his house he hadn't seen her in an hour but had put out food. All it took was calling her name and she came limping out of the woods. I really can't thank you people enough. You saved us from an immeasurable amount of heartbreak and sleepless nights. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Charles B.

Fido Finder was instrumental in finding our Sokka. An elderly disabled woman heard the Amber Alert and called. She most likely would not have seen the posters.

Fido Finder was worth every penny in bringing home our Sokka.

Kay D.

Thanks Fido Finder for connecting me to the person that found my dog sprinting across the local golf course, when he ran away. What a wonderful and effective site you have. Thank you so much!

Bailey Family

My two dogs got loose today on Mother's Day without their collars. Quite frankly I did not know what to do but quickly find Fido Finder and was pleased at how simple it was to use. I upgraded to post their picture and provide my telephone number. I then waited.

I hoped that someone would find them and think of searching the Internet and sure enough 10 hours later I got the call that made my day and made Mother's Day.

Thank you Fido Finder!

William L.

I am writing to let you know that after desperately searching for our dog, Ace, he was returned home after 7 weeks thanks to this website. It was a long road, but the original lead came from Fido Finder. This is a great service and I have told the story to many others. Thank you so much.

Lynn H.

Cricket (id #391847) was lost on 10/21/2013 from a neighborhood across the highway from us. She had been seen several time by us and our neighbors.On November 2nd she was seen again. A neighbor was trying to catch her! On November 9th I took her in. I checked online and found her on Fido Finder. I posted a "Found" notice and sent contact info to the owner. Today, November 11th, 21 days after she "escaped", a very happy Cricket was reunited with a very happy owner. A happy ending thanks to Fido Finder!
Thanks for being there!

Richard D.

We had moved across town and had only been in our new house for two weeks when both of our dogs got out. We checked at the pound and put up flyers but had no luck. The local animal control recommended using Fido Finder so we placed an ad for each dog with a picture after they had been missing for five very stressful days. We had our male back in less than 12 hours. A very nice family a few blocks away had him and had also listed him on Fido Finder as found. We heard from another family two days later that had found our lost posting for our female. Both dogs were located within 48 hours with the help of this service. I would recommend this service to anyone that has lost their dogs. Thank you Fido Ginder for helping us get our babies back home, where they belong.

Stacey V.

While on vacation in Florida our elderly, deaf and partially blind Jack Russell Terrier wandered away on a dark rainy night from our friend's house who was dog sitting. We were frantic as were our 4 children. Thankfully, a wonderful lady found Pepper Ann, took her in. She was without her collar which made identification almost impossible.

The lady who found her posted Pepper Ann on Fido Finder. The Animal Hospital told us of a woman who had found the dog we described and told us she was posting the dog on Fido Finder. I posted Pepper Ann lost on Fido Finder and immediately it found a match. There was a picture of our precious Pepper Ann eating. We were elated to have our little dog back! I am so grateful that Fido Fider exists because I truly thought all hope was lost.

Loni F.

On August 13th at approximately 7:30 am I let my two dogs out for their morning potty break. I went to work and received a call around noon that one of our dogs (Junior) a 3 yr old white Maltese was missing. While I was at work my wife and kids looked for J with no success. When I arrived home from work I immediately looked for him and realized he was no where to be found. I went to fidofinder.com and created a profile. I received an email at approx 9:30 pm with the info of the individual who had found our beloved pooch.

Thank you Fidofinder.com.

Mr. Skeet, our 10-year old white Whippet, went missing from our back yard on November 20th. Our fence had been destroyed by several trees that fell during Hurricane Sandy, but the electric fence was still working. Skeet was wearing his electric fence collar, but broke through the electric fence anyway. Before doing so, he managed to get off his regular collar with ID attached. Bad news! How was anyone going to figure out where he belonged?

As soon as we realized he was missing, we combed the neighborhood calling for him and putting up 200+ lost dog posters. This didn't produce results, and it started to look as though Skeet had left the area. We called and visited animal shelters and put in lost dog reports, dropped posters off at vet clinics, etc. We also posted lost dog notices on CraigsList.com, FidoFinder.com, and several other Internet sites. Skeet had been gone four days and three nights in chilly weather, and hope was beginning to fade.

Then, within 24 hrs. of posting a lost dog notice on Fido Finder, we got an email from Fido Finder informing us that someone had found a dog that matched Skeet's description. The email provided the name and phone number of the person to contact. My heart jumped into my throat, and I could hardly dare to believe that Skeet had been found. We called, and sure enough, it was Skeet!!! A very kind couple had found him about 10 miles from our house just the night before. They had checked Fido Finder and found our Lost Dog notice.

Skeet was thin, had a few scrapes and sore paws, and was covered with ticks from being out in the woods. But he was alive! After a visit to the vet and a good bath, Skeet is happily at home again. But he won't be going outside alone until our fence is back up! Thank you Fido Finder for a happy ending to the story.

Sylvia T.

You helped me find my beloved dog Punkie. I received a email about a dog spotted in my area. I opened it and saw my Punkie! I want to thank you for bringing her home!

Hope M.

This morning at 7am I almost hit a dog running in the middle of a very busy street. A small, female schnauzer. After swerving through traffic to avoid getting hit, she ran into an open field where I parked and lured her in with Milkbones that I keep for just this occasion. She luckily came to me quickly and I took her home, safe from the dangers of the road. After giving her a bath and taking her to the vet to have her scanned for a microchip, which she was without, I posted her all over the internet; my non-profit's Facebook page, Craigslist, several lost dog networks and Fido Finder. Twelve hours after picking her up, I got a call from her owner. Turns out her name was Snow and when she was let out this morning to go potty, she ran away. The owners were worried sick until they saw my ad on Fido Finder. I immediately drove Snow home and she was happily reunited with her family, tail wagging.

Alisa J.

Saturday at noon I learned my two dogs were missing from the backyard. I searched all day Saturday and into the night Sunday without any luck looking for my two one year old labrador retrievers. Going from neighborhood to neighborhood, my thoughts were "they are gone...they are gone". Only little hints from those that had seen them earlier in the day kept me focused. Late Sunday night I came across your website. I thought it wouldn't hurt to list my two babies here, why not? Three hours later I got a hit. I was reunited with my two labs late Monday night. What a huge, huge relief to see them running toward me as I got out my car. Fido Finder, you and the the couple that found them, are the BOMB!

Thanks so much for assisting me in reuniting with my two baby labs!!! Keep up the good work, you have found a fan, and a friend!


Johnny B.

Thanks for being there. Thanks to you guys we were able to reunite an owner with his dog. What a wonderful thing you do! It was so beautiful to see the little dog we found reunited with her daddy. That might not have been possible without you! It certainly wouldn't have happened so quickly either!

Michelle W.

After my Beagle "Caeli" had gone missing around 11am, my girlfriend and I spend most of the afternoon wandering the neighborhood whistling and calling for her to come home. I called domestic animal services and reported her missing. Around 5pm after hours of searching in the hot Florida sun, we took a break to finally get something to eat and rest before going out again. While eating, I was on the computer printing "Lost Dog" signs and browsing the internet for shelters to call. I found FidoFinder.com, I honestly didn't think anything would come from it but I was desperate and posted "Caeli" missing on the website. We headed back out to continue searching, posting our signs and asking everyone we saw if they had seen her. It was dark out and we were just about to head home for the night when I had received an email on my phone from Fido Finder! Someone had found her in the street and stopped to pick her up. She was well cared for, fed and played with all day. I called them up and they brought her over. We were so happy to end our search on a happy note. Thank you so much for helping us find our dog Fido Finder!

Jens A.

Thanks so much for having such a great website!

Our family dog wandered off several weeks back and we could not find him. We searched for hours, called friends, and did everything we could think of to try and find him. I was tired and sad after combing the neighborhood all that morning and took a break sitting in front of my computer. I thought that the internet might help, so I typed in "lost dog" in the Google search engine and Fido Finder came up. I went to your site and entered his information. Within 10 minutes I received a possible match email. It turns out that a lady about 10 houses down from us found our dog and didn’t have any idea what to do with him. She did the same thing and went online and found your site and posted the "found dog" on your site. Within an hour or so we connected and we were able to get our family dog of 16 years back safely. The lady would not take the reward and was truly a Saint.

Thanks so much for building such a useful site.

Raymond V.

Callie went missing 1/1/2012 at midnight. On 1/2/2012 @ 2:45 a.m. a women found Callie crossing the road near our house. She took her to work and found Callie's posting on FidoFinder.com. We received an e-mail immediately and had her home in no time! Thank you Fido Finder, we have our baby back!!!!

I came downstairs yesterday morning to find the door wide open and Maggie gone. A friend suggested posting it online, and I didn't know what website she meant. I found Fido Finder with a Google search, and created a basic profile. I entered her breed, my zip code, and phone number. A couple of hours later, I got an email saying someone thought they'd found my dog. I didn't even take the email seriously because it happened so fast. I thought it was spam. But when I clicked on the link--there was a picture of Maggie with the woman who found her! RELIEF! JOY!

Matthew V.

Dear Fido Finder,

Thanks so much for helping me find my dog Naula!!!

I posted information on Thursday and she was back at home on Saturday.
I also like the way you kept my personal information private and I was able to connect with the person who found Naula by calling them.

Thanks again and I have recommended FidoFinder.com to everyone in my
subdivision if they need your services.


Audrey G.

I had posted a lost dog, so I got an alert when a found dog matching the description was listed. It was my dog. The finder was very concerned about making sure that it was my dog, and I appreciated that very much. Frankie is now at her vet having some minor toenail injuries dealt with (she went over several chain link fences), and will be home tonight. I was so glad to find out that she was being kept indoors out of the heat!! Thank you Fido Finder!!

Julia H

Casey got out of the side gate and I could not find him after searching for over two hours. After registering with your site, I printed the flyer photocopied it, and had some neighborhoods kids post it all over. Within 45 minutes the lady that had found Casey the day he got lost, was calling me and I was driving to pick him up!!!


I would like to thank you for your help in finding my dog. I posted on your site with a reward and believe it or not 2 hours later I found my dog. Your computer system called that someone had found my dog. It was short accurate and to the point. When I called the lady, in fact she did find my puppy. Thank you very much for helping us make our family complete again. I will highly recommend your service to everyone.


My girlfriend sign me up for Fido Finder and didn’t tell me that she did. About two hours after she signed me up I received an e-mail from Fido Finder. I went to the web site just to check things out and the second listing for found dog was my dog. Unbelievable.

Thank you Fido Finder
Bob and Tippy

Yesterday we came home and our sweet Bailey was nowhere to be found. We searched for hours and hours and couldn't find her anywhere. I put out flyers, called animal control and contacted every veterinary clinic in the area and nobody had heard anything. We were devastated. I decided to use the internet and came across this website. I was very skeptical but really had no other options and nothing to lose. This afternoon, I got a call from a lady stating that a dog matching Baileys description just showed up in her yard and she searched the internet and found this site. We drove over there and it was Bailey. Without this site, Bailey would not be sitting here next to me and I would spend another sleepless night worrying about her. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Imagine our surprise when we received a call 2 and 1/2 months after losing Olive and the person on the other end of the phone says, "I have your dog!" The caller heard my skepticism and said, "IT IS your dog. We're looking at her picture right here on Fido Finder!" They'd been checking the site but hadn't found a match until they changed their search criteria and there she was!

We received various calls since posting a Lost Dog page on Fido Finder from people saying they thought they had our dog and voicemails from Fido Finder about potential matches but none of them were Olive. We kept checking the site for Found dogs hoping to see Olive. As time went by we were giving in to the idea that Olive had found a new home. We hoped she was giving her new family as much love and joy as she'd brought us and they were giving as much to her.

I was afraid to believe it was really her when we got the call! I didn't want to be disappointed again. How exciting when we arrived at the home of her new friends and she greeted us with squeals of delight. She'd been well taken care of by her temporary owners. She'd settled into a new routine, had a basketful of toys and received lot's of love. It wouldn't have been surprising if she'd been reluctant to leave them. Thankfully, she followed us into the car and was excited to see the rest of the family (2 other dogs, a cat and our son) at home.

Thank you Fido Finder! Olive's safe at home and we're all happy and smiling!

Karen M.

Dear Fido Finder,
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for finding my sweet dog, True D. She is an old girl that never leaves our side. This morning she chased out of the yard after some deer and got disoriented. We were out posting signs, emailing neighbors and searching for her for 8 hours today. I decided to post on your website in case she had traveled further than we expected, outside the radius of our signs.

Right before I was going to bed tonight, I got an email from you that someone may have found her. I called the number to find a student at the local college had found her and been taking care of her all day. True D had wandered into an inter-mural practice about 4 miles from home. The girls took her home, fed her and played with her all day.

Thank you so much for creating this site and for helping us locate our sweet dog. We will all sleep better knowing he is safe at home!!


I posted a lost dog notice on Fido Finder on Saturday 02/05 and received a call from a vet quite a ways from where we live that they had my dogs. The vet was searching through websites and found the one I posted.

We are very happy to have Durban back home

Dave and JoAnn

My dog Angel had gotten out and was gone for hours. A family saw her get close to being hit by a car and decided to get her. They took her in and tried to call the phone number on the tag (which is an old number). They got onto your website and it said she was safe but they knew she wasn't at home. I had not reported her as missing when she was found. I didn't know because I don't keep her at my house. They took her in for the night and when I got up this morning I checked my email and saw a message from Fido Finder stating someone believed that had found her. I went and picked her up and she is now safe at home.

Our pups got out at night just before Christmas during a rain storm and were gone for a week. Luckily, I looked and found a match for Kingston my all white German Shepherd so I called and sure enough, we found both the day after Christmas. We love our dogs so much, they are such an important part of our lives. Thanks for the best Christmas present ever!! God Bless!!!


We lost our two dogs last night. The temps in Atlanta were below freezing and we were worried sick. We searched the whole night and called all the local shelters and vets this am to no avail. I had remembered reading about Fido Finder before so I decided to check the site. So sweet family had seen them roaming around and decided to take them in since it was so cold. We contacted them and they returned the dogs to us. They were way more helpful than any vet or shelter as they couldn't be bothered. Thank God for animal loving and caring people.

Keith R.

Thank you once again FidoFinder.com

We lost Sheba December 7th at 11am. We all thought she will come back home, but she did not.
After 12 hrs we realized that we need help, so we start to search online . We find this cute website FidoFinder.com. So we decide to give a try, we subscribe and IN 10 MINUTES received a phone call to go pick up our DOG. WOW WOW WOW WE LOVE YOU FIDOFINDER.COM!!!!!


Danielle L.

Harley our golden retriever ran away 40+ miles from home, he was gone for 6 days and 5 nights. On thanksgiving a women spotted him curled up in a ball shaking. She brought him home logged onto Fido Finder and within 1 hour from her finding him we had him back. I truly believe in Fido Finder and you should too.

Fred C.

We posted our 2 dogs as lost on Fido Finder, 1 dog returned home by himself. Our other dog, was gone for 2 1/2 weeks. We got an email from Fido Finder that some one may have found our dog, after we contacted them, we drove to their house and were reunited with our dog. Thanks, again. We are pleased have our dogs back home. Even though they both had collars and tags neither returned with them. Our local shelter told me of your website, it was previously unknown to us.

Thank you again, From The Lovetts

I lost my puppy at a strip mall 10 miles from my home. She got scared from a loud noise and ran. Her leash (attached to her collar) got snagged on a bush and it broke (cheap plastic). She was out with no identification. I can't run so I couldn't catch her.

I searched for hours but figured someone probably picked her up - she's very cute. So I went on-line and searched for "found dog" hoping I could find a website just like Fido Finder. I registered Aggie Fido Finder.

At 9pm we got a call - someone found Aggie huddled under a bush, shaking like a leaf. Donna said she found me on Fido Finder. I'm so thankful.

Lesson learned. Dog collars should not be attached to her leash and should be metal not plastic. So if one breaks she still has identification. If you still lose you pet - Fido Finder WORKS!

Thank you Fido Finder!!!

I just want to thank this website for even being on here. My Father called me Sunday September 19, asking me to try to use my computer to find his 10 week old puppy, it slipped out between my 77 year old Autistic Uncle's feet and he didn't know it. I searched every website I could think of even the newspapers. I went to the Stark Cty Humane Society, the Stark County Dog Warden looking at all the dogs, no puppy. On Wednesday September 22, I found this website FidoFinder.com, I took note it is a free website to post lost and found dogs. I searched for found dogs, there was someone in Massilon who found one but I thought it was too far away from where he was lost. So I entered the info on the puppy and by Thursday morn at 7:45 AM September 23, that same lady had responded to my entry. I gave my Father the name and number and they have been very happily reunited. I have purchased a new name tag from your site and had it sent to my Father. He is very appreciative of this site.

Thank you loads, Debbie L.

Wanted to tell you that I LOVE THIS SITE! I am always finding stray dogs and trying to find their owners. Tonight I found a dog wandering the downtown streets of Denver, limping, panting, with bloody feet. She came willingly and I took her home after a quick visit to the vet to make sure nothing life-threatening was going on. She had water, dinner and a rest and was feeling much better. She didn’t have on tags and no chip, but her pinkish-orange collar had written in hand what I thought said “Silly Dog.” I hopelessly googled “lost dog denver” and found your site. I’d never heard of it before. I was skeptical, but filled in the form, uploaded a photo, and waited. I got two possible matches within the hour. The second one listed a dog named Silky. No photo. Medium. Female. Black and white. Lost today. I sent my info in – and...Silky’s dad Spencer called – near tears!!! Neither of us could believe how well Fido Finder worked!!! She’s home with dad and our dogs, Boots and Biscuit are much happier too! I’m telling everyone I know!

Ann W.

Abby is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is loved by our entire family, however she belongs to my seven-year-old daughter. When Abby went missing I placed a lost dog post on FidoFinder.com and set the alerts to email me anytime a dog was found in our zip code. Less than 6 hours later, I had an email in my inbox letting me know that someone had found a dog in my zip. I clicked the link, called the "finder" and was reunited with our Abby later that morning. Thank you!!!! You don't know the tears you saved us from!

Linsey H.

Fido Finder helped us get our dog back. Our 4 Year old Labrador ran out on us and did not come back that night. I tried everything such as door to door, Animal Shelter, Dog Pound, and Posters throughout our neighborhood. Three days later, when we thought we had lost our dog forever, I received a call from a woman who had looked on your web-site and called me right away. It was the best call I have ever received.

Our 3 boys are grateful and can't thank you enough.

Thank you Fido Finder.

German C.

Without your help I don't think I would ever have found my girl. Last night I got an email alert from Fido Finder saying that our local animal control might have picked her up. The shelter was closed for the night but I went first thing this morning and there she was. A little worse for the wear of being on the road for 3 weeks but generally in good shape. We had a wonderful puppy reunion party when I got her back home.

Thank you for all your help and I will let everyone know what a great service you provide.

I just can't thank you enough!!

Sylvia G.

My dog was found close to my house by a woman and her kids, Snatch was running around a school playground with another dog and approached the woman who was perceptive enough to see that the dogs were most likely lost. Thankfully she took Snatch home with her and started posting on the internet as well as posting neighborhood flyers. The internet postings is what did the trick, not long after the postings Fido Finder picked up on it and I was notified via email by Fido Finder who may have my dog. Your organization in my books is top notch and I am sure that if not for you Snatch would still be at the woman's house, who by the way really enjoyed my dog and would more than likely given her a place to live if her owner had not been found. My thanks go to this woman and Fido Finder, now part of my life.

Forever grateful,
Terry L. and Snatch

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your website we now have Our dog back! We left our Chihuahua "killer" with a friend while on vacation. Within an hour he was missing. Luckily a nice family found him and took him in. They even took him in a road trip to northern California with them! Upon returning home they Google "I found a Chihuahua" your site came up and they put in their zip code . My listing came up and they emailed me! He was gone for 8 days and we were 3 states away. I felt so helpless, but thanks to FidoFinder.com we have our dog back
Vista, CA

Dear Fido Finder,
Just wanted to take a little time to thank Fido Finder. It really did help us find our little dog. We had lost her on Sunday afternoon, she had wandered away from the house. She is mostly an inside dog so probably got disoriented rather quickly. We could not find her anywhere in the neighborhood. We let the local neighborhood civic club know and they sent out an email to all with a copy of our poster attached.

We had heard nothing by Monday morning. At work just before the day really started I typed in "dog lost, Tampa" on Google and your site was one of the many. I thought I would give it a try not really expecting an answer so quickly. About an hour and a half later I got a reply indicated they may have found our dog. It was her, my wife was overjoyed.

It seems as though this woman's sister was traveling through our neighborhood when she saw Peaches wandering like she was lost, picked her up and brought her to her home. She has dogs of her own. She lives almost 15 miles away. She saw my post the next morning and replied.

Needless to say I am now a believer in your site and I continually encourage others to use it, if they have lost a pet or have found one.

Sincere thanks,
Steve & Ann Davis

Our husky, Olaf, escaped from our backyard Friday morning when our new neighbor's dogs jumped the fence and opened our gate. Our neighbors found their dogs along with our other dog and brought them home. We couldn't find Olaf anywhere and drove around for 3 hours immediately after we discovered he was missing. We had no luck finding him during our excursion and decided to make flyers and post them around the neighborhood. We contacted the pound and local vets with Olaf's information hoping that somebody had contacted them with his information. Saturday we spent more time putting up flyers at all major intersections in our town as well as mini-flyers on doors in our neighborhood. We were hoping that somebody would see the flyers and give us some information on where to find him. Sunday my friend told me to post Olaf's information on FidoFinder.com. I was really skeptical about using it because I thought if somebody in my town had him, they would contact the pound or see a flyer somewhere. Monday morning I received an email at 11 from Fido Finder saying that somebody thought they had Olaf. I called the man right away (he was in a town 2 hours away) to see if I could get some more information. After talking to him we were pretty sure that he had Olaf. I had gone the cheap route and not put his picture up, but if this ever happens again I definitely will because it would have made the identification process a little quicker. Anyway, we went to go pick up Olaf immediately and couldn't believe that Fido Finder was what reunited us with our dog after him being gone for 4 days. Thank you so so much!!! Hopefully this never happens again, but I will definitely pass this along to anyone I know of that is missing their pet :)

I bought our dog a Fido Finder tag after she ran away without a collar last year and we were blessed enough to get her back at that time. We went to a great deal of advertising and calling to get the word out then. This time I knew she had her Fido Finder tag on and I felt sure that who ever found her would call and praise God they did, we are so happy to have her home again. I recommend this inexpensive dog saving device to all those who have a pet. I bought my Dad's dog a tag in January for my Dad's birthday present and now I am doubly glad I did.

Denise R.

I just wanted to share with you all an amazing story that happened last week when FidoFinder.com helped us find a lost pup.

My friend posted a note on Facebook last week saying his family dog, Pepito (a dachshund), had run off and they couldn't find him anywhere. They were absolutely devastated. At that point he had been missing almost 2 full days. It can be very difficult to mobilize a search effort when you are distraught so I wanted to see what I could come up with. It popped into my head to do an internet search. I typed into a search engine 'found dachshund' and the name of their city. The only link that looked promising was to FidoFinder.com. Someone had posted a note the day before saying a black dachshund had been seen in the area. My heart skipped a beat!! What were the odds that it would be a different dog? I called the number and the lady said she wasn't able to catch the dog, but that it was in the area. I called my friend and told him to call the lady ASAP! He rushed over to meet her and after a lengthy search that involved going from business to business to ask people if they had seen Pepito, and looking in the woods, he finally ran came upon a mailman who told him he'd just seen a little dog in a warehouse parking lot. Sure enough there under a tractor trailer was Pepito, scared to death, but okay! He is now home with his overjoyed and grateful family.

Thank you to FidoFinder.com and the wonderful individual who took the time to post the link on your site!

The Family and Friends of the Great Pepito

Thank you so much for this site! My two dogs got out of the house last night and only one returned home, so I searched the neighborhood for hours looking for my beloved collie, Bella. I could not find her and figured one of the neighbors had found her so I posted a Lost Dog listing on FidoFinder.com ! This morning ( as I was posting signs in my immediate neighborhood ) I received an email / text alert from you saying that someone in the area found a dog matching Bella's description!!!
After contacting the person I was reunited with my dog!!! Without fidofinder.com I would never have found her because she was found MUCH farther away than I ever considered! She was found miles away from home and Fido Finder reunited us in less than 1 day !!!

Thank you so much

I posted at 2am that I had a male black Chihuahua missing by the name of Peace Out Dog and by 9:30 that same morning I had a response that some one had my dog. FidoFinder.com made it very easy to register my lost dog. The person that found my dog went to FidoFinder.com and looked in the neighborhood for signs, that thank God I had put up (a lot). It was a very great experience and so happy to find others that are trying to get the animals back to the rightful owner!! Same day I had both my dogs microchipped!! Thanks Fido Finder! You reunited my furry four legged family:)

Thanks again,

Well , our lil dog has been missing for about 4 weeks now, I have gotten several calls on seeing him but he would not let anyone catch him , I got an email stating that someone might have found our dog. It was a police officer who witnessed him being hit by a car and then the car fled instead of chasing the bad guy he stopped traffic to help our dog He assumed he was dead because of the force of being hit he was not moving so he went up to " Milo " and milo looked up at him :) he was alive so the officer took him to the vet and there was nothing wrong with him, Now the reason milo was missing is that is mommy went to college and he got sad and went on an adventure to find her we think. In the meantime the officer is calling the number on the tag that says call ashley but her phone was stolen wrong number :( He had a inclination to look online and saw our Fido Finder ad and that was that . Thank you to everyone my daughter has her doggy back !!!!
Maryann Jackson

On July 4th, as usual all the kids in the neighborhood were setting off pop rockets and fireworks and as usual it scared my Golden Retriever Buddy. We were not at home and he was with his buddy Peedee, but once he heard the fireworks he starts shaking and freaking out. He broke out under the fence, ripped his collar off and ran away. We came home on the 5th to find him gone. My twin 5 year olds were devastated and we hung up signs, asked around the neighborhood, rode bikes yelling his name but no luck. I then got on Google and entered "lost golden retriever in Morrison Colorado" and it brough up the Fido Finder website. I entered my general info into the section for found dog and lo and behold a golden retriever was found in Morrison, Co. I send an email, knowing it had to be Buddy and it was. We recovered him last night and were so happy to have found this website. With fireworks and loud noises at this time of the year and the tendency for dogs to run, I will definitely keep this site handy so we do not have to endure any more days with out Buddy. Thanks for your website.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I posted that my dog went missing on Fido Finder. I went to the animal shelter and reported her missing. I was about to start posting signs around the neighborhood today when I got an email from a lady who saw my dog on fidofinder.com. She had gone to the vet to have her scanned for a chip (which she doesn't have) and she had taken a picture of the dog and had asked a few friends. But it wasn't until she went online to Fido Finder and saw there was a match that we were able to get reunited! It only took 48 hours!
Thanks Again!!!

My dog Princess ran away on the 4th of July because she is terrified of fireworks. We searched the house and the entire neighborhood, but couldn't find her. We all were devastated and hoped she would return home by the next morning, but she didn't. We searched again and again, but unfortunately with no luck. Being Sunday, the SPCA was also closed. I went online and googled "lost dog" and FidoFinder.com came up. I had never heard of it before, but I figured it was worth the try. About 5 hours after I posted Princess as being lost I received an e-mail from a woman who thought she may have found my dog. I called her and sure enough it was my dog she had found...5 minutes later Princess was home! Thank you so much Fido Finder!


Just a quick note to let you know that your service allowed us to find our Dalmatian Cinders. Cinders was lost in the woods for six days in Virginia, we live in northern Maryland and felt helpless as she was over 100 miles away from us. Out of desperation, we searched the internet to find ideas to assist us in our search and found your service. Within 4 days a neighbor within 1/2 mile of where she was lost found her and called us. While she was very hungry, tired and tick covered when she was found, she was alive and well and continues to get better each day. The only regret we have is not finding or using your service earlier. Should this ever happen again, we will not hesitate to call immediately! We have told countless friends and family how your service helped us as well. Thank you so much for providing this service.

The McCall Family

Fido finder Works!

Thank you so much for your FREE service. My kids were so upset about losing our dog Maverick. We had searched for her in the neighborhood for hours. Our dog was without her collar and I just knew that she would surely get into trouble. I had already made posters and driven around and passed them out. It had gotten dark so I went inside to try and post some information on the web and found that she was already listed on Fidofinder’s website. Wow! Amazing! You talk about Fast and Easier than calling and driving around. Thankfully, the kind person who found her was just holding on to her until we responded. Now my son is fast asleep with our sweet little dog!

Thanks for making this service free! We are so grateful that we have our dog back home!

The Corbitt Family

When my little Maltese Casper got out I thought he was gone forever we looked around our neighborhood and no one had seen him I went online and was lucky to find your site I registered him as a lost dog and then proceeded to look through the found dogs and sure enough some wonderful women had picked him up from the middle of the street and then was kind enough to register him on your site. I can say in all honesty if it had not been for you I would never have found him. I am sure their are a lot of grateful dogs who have been reunited with their owners thanks to you. God bless you and keep up the great work.


I am from anderson sc and my little girl's dog got missing and I listed her on Fido Finder and I received an email with the phone number of someone who thought they found her and the next moring my baby was returned home. Thanks and God bless.

What a great website and for the people who find our lost pets who take the time to help them find there home. I can not say enough for the family that found our dog, Andy. Andy was lost on early morning of January 1st and we were devastated. We put posters out and went on the internet to see what was out there for Dogs "Lost in the Sugar Land. Texas area". Findofinder caught my eye and I register. Bold and behold, I received a response with a picture of Andy and immediately knew that he was found. I would like to thank the family for being so kind to Andy and bringing the joy back into our life. I would and will recommend the site to every dog owner. THANKS FIDOFINDER.COM.

Just wanted to say how great this web-site is! We had found a "lost dog" in our neighborhood who was so
wonderful that we knew that somewhere a family was searching & hoping...we listed him in your database...and a
miracle happened! You sent an e-mail with contact information, we called ...they came...and Clancy went home to
his family. We are thankful for his time with us-and thrilled that he is back home safe with his family.

Thanks for providing pet lovers everywhere with an invaluable service.

Teri & Dennis

Fido Finder found our dog! He had run because of a frightening thunder storm. We spent hours driving the roads
looking for him. Finally, I got on line to see if there was such a thing as a lost dog website. I found Fido Finder
and looked at the lost dogs. To my amazement I saw a dog that had been posted that day matching my dogs description.
I emailed the person and she got right back to me. We had our dog home within 1 hour of seeing him posted on Fido
Finder! Thank you so much for your Thank you so much for your service. It made our family very happy! If I ever
find a dog (or lose mine again) Fido Finder will be the first place I go.

I heard about your site thru my vet's office after my dog got loose on New Year's Eve
and i posted her on Jan 2nd. The finder also posted her that day. We finally connected today and she is home safe....the finder even gave her a bath and nicknamed her "Tequila" in honor of New Year's!

You site performed a miracle for me last night! A woman who found Chloe found my posting on your sight. She
lived 5 miles away from me and would have never seen my paper posters....Chloe and I were reunited!!! She is safe,
sound and healthy. Thank you for having such a great site that bridges blessings like mine!


AWESOME!!! At first we did not believe anyone would contact us through a website, because we live in a rather
small town. A day later, we got an e-mail with contact information from the person who found our dog. I highly
recommend this website to anyone who has a missing pet!!!

Boom-Boom owners, Morgantown, WV

Fido Finder works! Thank you thank you a million times. We posted our dog Sinbad on your site and were called by
the wonderful man who found our dog and kept him for us. The very next day. We were desperate and fearing we
would never see him again after 3 days (someone else had tried to adopt him but he got away) It was a very
tearful and joyful reunion.


Wow! I can't believe what a blessing your site has been! We had been
searching for the owner of a dog that we had found in the park with no
success. It had been over a week and we had put signs all over our
neighborhood. Being that we had recently lost our dog and it was never
returned, we thought it was really important that the dog be united with
his owner. It was a beautiful brown German Shorthaired Pointer who was
bubbling with energy and love. A co-worker mentioned the website and
hours after I put the information up, saw there was a match, and
e-mailed the potential owner - dog and owner were reunited!! They were
so happy to see each other. It was great! Thank you, thank you, thank

Stephanie Bowen

Fido Finder found my dog! My little schnauzer got out of the fence. After putting up posters,
checking every vet and shelter, taking out ads in the newspaper, and
searching desperately I thought she was gone for good. I had put her on
Fido Finder, but did not think much about it. After two weeks had gone by I
got an email from Fido Finder saying there was a match in my area. I called
the lady who posted the found dog and she had my dog!!! Within 1 hour of
her posting the found dog I had Abbie safe at home. THANK YOU Fido
Finder!!!!! That old dog means the world to me. Your site really works. I
have told everyone I know about it.

Thank you,
Laura Dade

Thank you soooo much for your site. Your site is the reason Sandy was found.
Sandy was lost early morning on Friday July 14th, I added her to your site
on Sunday July 16th, and she was found because of your site on Mon July
17th. Thank you again. She's at the vet getting some care, but she will be
fine. All of my friends will know of this site, trust that..Thank you


My brother's dog, Kudu got loose by accident on Saturday and we really didn't know where to begin to search for him. We put out flyers and went to the shelters, called vets - you name it. But today I decided to do a search for lost dogs, hoping there was something in the area. I went to Found Dogs and plugged in the zipcode. There was a listing which matched Kudu's description and it was posted the very next day. I knew it had to be him so I emailed the finder and got the phone call this afternoon. I emailed the finder a pic of Kudu to verify that my brother was the owner. I contacted my brother and said "I have a man on the phone with me who has Kudu." He couldn't believe it. Kudu is home safely now thanks to Fido Finder and the man who was kind enough to take him in and post on Fido Finder.


I would like to thank you for your help in being reunited with my dog. Without you, I doubt that I would ever have found her. I was fortunate that a dog lover was able to rescue her from a very busy intersection after she somehow got out of a locked, fenced yard. This wonderful woman went to Fido Finder and looked for lost dogs and there she found a description of mine. Your organization sent me an e-mail with her name and phone number and I was able to reclaim her last evening.

Without this service to connect people who have lost dogs with people who have found dogs, I have no doubt that I would never have found out what happened to her. The woman and her husband who found her were wonderful and I so appreciate them.

Thank you again for your help and service.

Marianne Akers and Kassie

I was gone for Thanksgiving, when I returned, I discovered my dog was missing. The next morning I looked for my dog on FidoFinder.com, and sure enough someone had found my dog!! A kind lady was taking care of her. Very happy reunion. Thanks for your site!!

A really great person had picked up our dog, Ceasar, on Thursday morning. By Thursday evening, family and friends were out looking un 10:00 pm that night. Ceasar is more than a dog, he's a special member of 2 families.

I thought there must be something else that I can do...so I put a notice on Fido Finder, and in what seemed minutes, I got a reply that Ceasar was safe. A Christmas season was saved by our hero who found Ceasar and kept him safe.

Fido Finder is a great resource.

Thank you so much for finding our dogs, 2 pugs were lost, tuesday morning, and 2 responsibles people found our dogs. Willson and Wilma. They were safe very close to uur home, we were crying and praying for the last 4 days and today is my husband's birthday. Our kids were found!!

I found a lost dog. No tags and no chip. I placed flyers around the neighborhood and walked the neighborhood to see if anyone knew this little guy. Spoke to all the kids with no luck. Within 3 hours of posting the information with you he was back safe and sound. A reward was offered to me but I felt it would be better for them to get the dog chipped and some ID tags. You offer a wonderful service to pet owners.


Dear Fido Finder,

Thank You for your web site. Thanks to your website my chihuahua, after two days,is safely home where he belongs.

A very happy pet owner!

Our two labradors were missing for two days. I posted their descriptions on FidoFinder.com and someone contacted me within 14 hours that they had my dogs! What a great service! Lucky and Diego are back home safely.

Thank you very much for your site, as it has produced a very happy reunion.

Marsha Richardson

I recently found a Corgi in Seattle, WA. I placed "found" posters all around my neighborhood - but had no success.
I registered the found dog on your website....and I received an email within 24 hours of posting the ad. I took to dog to the address I was given when I made contact with the owner. The lost dog was indeed theirs, and I made a bit of money! I would have kept the dog myself, it is a great dog.
Thanks for your great service.

Ellen Miller

My little shih tzu was taken 1/7. I had about given up hope and I can not tell you how much pain and fear I was
in. My Gomer was returned last night by a wonderful family who picked him up off street. We had just moved to this
area and I was told that he would never find his way home. This family saw your ad and called last night. There
are no word to thank you or them. Gomer is going to be chipped today.

God Bless You,

On Friday night September 30, my Bulldog Mugly and Pug L'il G got out of our yard. My neighbors said they had seen someone going after them with a pick up truck, but had no further info (make model, license tag, etc.)

We did all the normal things, immediately called all local shelters, posted flyers, placed ads, and searched the internet. In my searching I found Fido Finder and posted an add describing Mugly (with his traveling companion). After a week had passed I continued to call my local shelter (Baltimore County), but both the lady I talked to and I were not optimistic.

Sitting at my desk on Wednesday (10/12) almost 2 weeks after the dogs escaped, I received an email from a Good Samaritan who volunteers at the Baltimore City shelter who had seen my posting on Fido Finder and was pretty sure the City Shelter had my dog. I immediately drove downtown to ID him, and sure enough it was my Mugly! Unfortunately L'il G had run away when the shelter tried to get her, but Mugly was safe and sound.

Thanks to Fido Finder and my Good Samaritan, my lovable ugly bulldog is safe and sound again!

Eileen Welsh

On January 28, we found a dog in an isolated park next to a busy street. He was dragging a very long chain, evidence that he had broken free from a yard. We contacted the Humane Society and had the dog scanned for a chip. We were elated when we found a chip with the owner's name and phone number. Unfortunately, the owner had moved and the number was no longer valid. After an exhaustive search, we were unable to locate another number for the owner, even though we had her name. An ad was also placed in the local newspaper with no response.

Fortunately, we happened upon Fido Finder's website by chance and placed a found dog notice. I received an e-mail from both the owner thinking that the dog was hers and from Fido Finder matching the two dogs in the area. The dog was returned to his owner after being gone for two weeks.

Thanks Fido Finder for making this service available!

Janice M.

Dear Fido Finder Folks,

What a wonderful service you offer! My Name is Stephanie Quarton and I live in Mesa AZ. I lost my big silly dog shortly after he came to live with us. He hadn't been neutered yet and he got out of an open gate late in the evening. Some wonderful volunteer from friends for life coaxed him into her car, (he's very shy) and took him to their no kill shelter. I was frantically looking everywhere for him when someone suggested I try the internet as there were many lost dog sites. I posted to several with no luck, but when I got to Fido Finder I found someone had posted my dog as found. After we emailed each other back and forth to be sure it was my dog (he was so new to the family I didn't even have a picture to post) I was directed to the shelter. I gave them the reward I had put up for the dog and am eternally grateful to everyone for their kindness and assistance. Since then Bear has been neutered, microchipped and has a great big collar with two tags! Once again thank you.

Stephanie Quarton

After posting "TJ" on Fido Finder, I was contacted by a good samaritan who, while she hadn't found the dog herself, had scanned local lost pet listings and put me in contact with a woman who found a dog matching the description. We exchanged email messages and pictures and TJ was home approximately one week after he disappeared. I don't think we would have found him without Fido Finder, as he was a long way from home in a neighborhood we had never even considered postering. Thank you!

Jennifer Aldrich

Dear Fido Finder,

In January '05, a visiting Basenji who had been with my husband and me in Seattle WA for only five days got loose and headed north. We tried everything: shelters, vets, flyers, searches, and a registration on Fido Finder. In that situation it was the flyers that did the trick, and in the joy of recovering Mandy (who had been found after two days five miles north of our place!) I forgot to delete her info from Fido Finder. Then yesterday, May 15, my own two Basenji's escaped! Again we geared up for a search, posting flyers in a 5-mile radius and contacting shelters and vets, but forgot to register Jet and Lilly on Fido Finder. However, because Mandy's old information was still on Fido Finder I received a Fido Finder message this morning that two Basenjis had just been registered as found in my neighborhood! I contacted the finder, and after a detailed conversation in which it became clear that the dogs she had found were indeed our Jet and Lilly, we met for a very joyous reunion. You can bet my Jet and Lilly are now fully registered on Fido Finder, and I'm ordering a Fido Finder dog tag for each of them. Thank you for being there!

Kelley K.

Dear Fido Finder,

Thank you so much for your service. My cousin's dog tested the security of their new fence & found it inadequate (escapable). My cousin had recently moved and so the dog was in an unfamiliar area.

I posted ads for my cousin while he was out searching for Louie. Louie went missing on a Saturday and when I found out I posted the ad on Sunday with Fido Finder.

Late Monday night, around 9:30pm, I received an email from a nice lady named Dori. Dori used the Fido Finder service to email me with her contact information. I immediately called my cousin, who was still driving around, who then called Dori. Dori had spotted Louie near her house but could not catch him. She noticed that Louie would approach dogs but not people so she asked someone to walk their dog so Louie would come close. She was able to see Louie's name and so she hopped on her computer & found Fido Finder via search engine.

After my cousin spoke with Dori he drove to her neighborhood calling out Louie's name. Louie POPPED out from a yard to the call of his name!!! My cousin was so happy to have his boy back. Dori's quick thinking to use the Fido Finder helped Louie find his family. Louie was found over 4 miles from his home.

Thank you very much for your ad service! I have recommended it to all my dog rescue friends.

Thank you,
Kate O. Snohomish, WA

We knew what to do after our little Silky Terrier got out and disappeared one afternoon; Get the word out ASAP with all the necessary details to as many people as possible. After printing over 150 flyers with your poster design on our home printer and canvassing our neighborhood, some one called us in less than an hour, with information on what had happened to our dog. That info lead us to her right away and we were all happily reunited. Thanks for such an quick and easy poster design, all ready to go. It was very effective. All is well and again thank you.

Charles and Bailey the dog.

I wanted to thank you for having this site. My dog was found through the watchful eye of police and children. They saw all the posters that we hung and we were able to track her path, which was appx. a 10-20 mile area. UNBELIEVABLE!!! The use of your web-site made the weight of sadness a little less and was comforting to know that something like this was already in existence.

Debbie & Ray

Reunited Lost Dogs

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 Chloey  Maddie  Zink  Sekoya  Bella  Circles  Rocky  Junior  Katie  Tessa  Ozzy  Sally  Molly  Zeus  Kadee  Lady  Zippy  Bandit  Levee  Murphy  Lucy  Pepe  Bella  Sam  Kaiser  Cheif  Claire  Budy  Jagger  Dallas  Nala  Dipsy  Chiqui  Midnight  Lola  Skipper  Lucy  Lilly  Mack  Rocco  Bailey  Blues Traveler/  Koal  Prter9014960031    Rocky  Ace  Levi  Cain  Lucas  Jack  Zoey  Mocha  Maverick  Anubis  Peanut  Mikey  Stout  Piggle  Zoe  Yin  Wubbsie  Clyde Aka Slide  Simba  Brewster Miller  Basil  Monk    Amy  Found  Gemini  Oreo  Frenchy  Rocky  Matisse  Kaia  Diego  Bear  A 9  Cyrus  Dobie  B0  Olive  Brooke  Rocco & Roxy  Buddy  Tucker  Bob  Rey  Pette  Brewster  Ruby  Tinkerbell  Shelby  Bo  Casey  Milo  Daisy  Cesar  Rio  Harlee  Rex  Major  Max  Duke  Max  Birdie  Belle  Diesel  Mo  Abby  Betsy  Buddy  Jack  Buddy  Bruno  Snowy  Poppy  Carter  Angel  Princess  Clover  Boomer  Buddy  Dogg  Charly  Torino  Rocco  Maxx  Janie  Nicky  Dahlila    Luke  Hannah  Max  Abby  Daisy  Rufus  Yuki  Bart  Scrappy  Chase Rine  Rudy  Pete  Ivan  Winslow  Talia  Daisy  Brynner  Winnie  Snoopy  Blaise  Chulo  Ammelia  Lucca  Duke  Felipe  Conan & Cortez  Coco  Jasmin  Mittens  Ezi(easy)  Cookie  Sadie  Capone  Brodii  Dixie  Mickey  Rosie  Hershey  Poppy  Malachi  Fendi  Micco  Teddy  Lola    Peter  Wallace  Precious  Ovi  Kandy  Apollo  Sailor  Pick Up  Dugan  Bo  Rocky  Bossie  Ruby    Sophie  Natasha  Kira  Con  Pilfer  Mahto  Max  Josie  Nala And Rocky  Johnnie  Rocco  Cosmo  Diesel  Dagger  Duke  Toby  Shaggy  Sam  Peso  Bindi  Banks  Nikah  Peatee  Casper  Mia  Echo  Max  Nirvonna  Harley Moo Moo  Ronaldo  Willie  Chucho  Lovely  Major  Sarah  Sasha  Spike  Nikko  Josie  Tinkerbell  Stubbs  Baron  Duke  Luna  Starfire  Ginger  Shaggy  Onalee  Elvis Presley  Chris.p.bacon  Sophie  Woody  Jersey  Rosco  Jack  Bitty  Lucy  Puppywoof  Rusty  Sadie  Miley    Ziggy  Princess  Dino  Snowy  Daisy  Doogie  Noodle  Akira  Jesse  Beebe  Roxanne  Gabby  Roxy Blue Pit  Rocko  Shadow  Tillie  Lola  Shiloh  Czar  Charlie    Bo  Bobi  Bamm Bamm  Piper  Duke  Obi  Snoopy  Mickey  Kasey  Jscl  Blaze  Hank  Nahla  She Ra  Zipper  Stewie  Fairy  Bo  Buddy  Pepper  Connie  Max  Do (dough)  Sandy  Lapis  Dasher  King  Lucy  Ailey  Luna And Concha  Pooh  Ernie  Holly  Vader  Zeus  Dexter  Gracy  Horse  Miriam  Goldie  Jessie  Lacie  Daisy  Kilo  Dusty  Bella  Faye  Churro  Cookie Dough  Maggie  Mugly  Marilyn Monroe  Ace  Blue  Dot  Brody Or Stoli  Sadie  Lobo  Ginny    Rosey  Ricky  Shelby  Maggie  Mu  Tank  Luna  Buddy  Toby  Bella  Mabel  Dirk  King Ranch  Zoey  Barkley  Rocky  Snowy  Sola  *randy  Rook  Luna  Zoosie  Cuddles  Dasher  Mac  Pixie  Thunder  Tyson  To Ka  Black Lab Buddy  Athena  Sheena  Ellie  Mia  Skeet  Moose  Littea  Thomas  Charlie  Goldie  Razin  Redd  Addie  Oreo  Zeus  Bruiser  Maxx And Otis  Sunny  Sophie  Duncan Atherton  Tabi  Winnie  Bailey  Opie  Hanna  King  Hailey  Bailey  Bertha  Pancho  Max  Zoey  Cloe  Nala  Dre  Buddy  Velvet  Fiona  Sofie  Spike  Sadie  Tuma  Mj  Peaches  Jerri Lee  Sandy  Nuggett  Skeeter  Fatboy  Sammy  Cash  Butkins  Echo  Roxy  Gypsie  Minnie  Cherokee  Achilles  Rocky  Nikkie  Brandy  Lilly  Joey  Sasha  Harley  Daisy  Prince  Coco  Snoopy  Bella  Tar Baby  Kida  Molly  Meg  Gracie  Scribble  Rocky  Sam  Alaska  Teddy  Sara  Godwin  Mena  Buster  Eevee  Cacique  Tres  Myia  Beauty    Beauty And Beas  Libby  Watson  Waldo  Station  Lucky  Dusk  Ruby  Molly  Whitey  Jagermeister  Princess  Dixie  Minnie  Killer  Brick  T Bone  Molly  Lucy  Elsa  Sally  Blaze  Dixie  Lola  Baby  Penny  Athena  Casper  Sheppy  Izzy  Coco  Branson  Harley  Spot  Bishop  Snatch  Holly  Riley  Daisy  Boss  Rayna  Casco  Copper  Baxter  Charlie  Cornelius  Roxxy  Bella  Conor  Shelia  Tezzerel  Gunther  Kisses  Queenie  Lucky  Amber  Mr Whinkey  Rocco  Jack  Cerise  Sam  Yanko  Glenda  Jeena    Georgia Phillip  Buddy Lotso  Beans  Mia  Brulee  Ceaser  Mickey  Pancho  Rocky  Natasha  Scooter  Tobi  Coco  Found 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 Roosevelt  Blue  Larry  Rosco Emler  Sedona  Roxanne Helenek  Branka  Rex  Muggles  Reba  Jenny  Buddy  Diamond  Bandit  Diamond  Max  Shiner  Mochi  Bentley  Mac  Midnight  Frankie  Hanna  Kimo  Maddox  Rango  Reese  Max  Coda  Penny  Liberty  Minnie  Sam  Abby  Maggie  Molly    Obi  Preston  Rocco  Halo  Boz  Libby  Babydoll  Bentley  Chica  Muffin  Capone  Jennie  Mimi  Maxwell  Atlas  Max  Lucas  Cutie  Bella  Fritz  Waylon  Siesta  Rex  Ameer  Tux  Napoli  Chloe  Jet  Kirby  Juicy  Bella  Nicko  Pete    Castiel  Marley  Atilla  Zugus  Molli    Katie  Durban  Jack  Nala  Taz  Gideon  Holly Phelps  Lucky  Coco  Daisy  Gizzie (gizmo)  Lou Lou  Duke  Coco  Doc  Sam  Lilly  Rusty  Atticus  Spencer  Tino  Marble Klett  Mason  Dante  Precious  Blaze  Lola  Ozzy    Duncan  Gizmo  Dixie    Dino  Buddy  Prince  Louie  Carlito  Penny  Molly  Neiman  Morgan  Toby  Dudley  Jake  Daisy Mae Long  Bella  Boom-boom  Porkchop  Bella  Bella  Bella  Ace  Buddy  Rambo  Maia  Bleu  Zoe  Jasmin  Jax  Bentley  Roxy  Bella  Coris  Cedric  Buttercup  Bella  Cooper  Squiggy  Brady  Daisy  Jeetu  Sammie  Lucy  Chiqui  Dudley  Stud    Charlie    Max  Sparky  Keira  Thinkerbell  Brown & Orange  Kaiser  Lucy  Luna  Rocky  Bailey  Larry  Harry  Kacie Osdale  Sasha  Donner  Chesapeake  Bear  Maggie  Ace  Dani  Rocky  Maddie & Bailey  Glory  Willy  Darius  Canelo & Brody  Baby  Abbie  Maddie  Baby  Francis  Dean  Shadow  Diamond  Cleo  Holly    Bambi  Betsy  Daisy  Duke  Pepa And Pepe  Henry  Gina  Lexi  Dexter  Jenny  Hubble  Root Beer  Casey  Jarjeer  Goode  Stassi  Gordie  Harrison  Haley  Tino  Carmella  Donte  Sadie  Bailey  Daisy    Pulga  Buddy  Kibbles  Sadie  Abby  Mckenzie  Star  Buffy  Luna  Shams  Nana  Taro  Kacie  Ellie  Charlie  Annie  Hennessy  Blue  Rumble  Molly  Charlie  Rocky  Tiny  Denver  Khloe  Kit  Lola  Miner  Dory  Buck  Roxy  Deedee  Lily  Schnitzel  Caesar  Bella  Radar  Jack  Toby  Shasha  Bailey    Lightning      Zachary  Simba  Lilo And Gizmo  Lukas  Morpheus  Bear  Chetty  Hazel  2black&yellowla  Jayce  Snow  Callie  Lola  Ted E. Bear  Twiglet  Roxie  Oreo  Buddy  Shiloh  Duke  Thorn  Chief  Krash And Kandy  Lakia  Spring  Stephanie Henso  Bazil  Princess  Stryker  Capone  Alpha  Sheaba  Buddy  Radar  Maggie  Johsi  Allie  Maggie  Gucci  Flea  Roxy  Boo Boo  Gigi  Frankie  Snickers  Jelly  Precious  Bagel  Reward  Teacup  Kane 4mo Puppy  Sydney  Buddy  Princess  Chloe  Rufus, Reward!  Charlie  Oddard  Seamus  Reighn  Roscoe  Ramsey  Dodji  Louie  Chula  Bubba  Commander  Poupe  Patches  Hank  Doug  Casi  Tj  Wishbone  Princess  Comet  Jake  Zag  Panta  Yoakam  Talarik  Sancho  Gertrude  Rufus  Chico  Graya  Yuki  Rio  Sasha F    Sunny  Freya  Wrecks (rex)  Trooper  Bella  Duke  Jax  Chico  Jake  Jackson  Peanut  Ginger  Jack  Denali  Gizmo  Puppy Bear  Sam Sam  Buttons  Max  Bobo  Hootie  Storm  Rowdy  Buddy  Oscar  Honey  Cranberry  Zeus  Frestia  Zoey Beans  Boss  Sunday  Mel  Norman  Tyra  Loki  Rico  Casper  Foster  Sheldon  Pistol  Femy  Koko  Cookie  Cinder  Shadow  Matheo  Snickers  Gabby  Lucky  Ruby  Buddy  Missy  Princess  Spike  Handsome Fellow  Bear    Kai  Smokey  Roscoe  Misha Azarian  Luke  Max  Toby  Kodi  Nelson  Tank  Jack~jack  Bandit & Nectar  Honey  Athena  Boomer  Frodo  Big Boy  Bambi  Olive  Kira  Rilley  Polly  ~unknown~ :(  Bailey  Kassie  Nea  Bella  Yuuki  Roxy  Chicca  Atigun  Ryder  Ace Matthew  Bella  Unknown /afghan  Porter  Harley  Nala  Tope  Browny  Isabelle  Brutus Blue  Niki  Kai  Dixie  Bijoux  Toby  Shadow  Charlie  Meatball  Oliver  Romeo  Buddie  Buster  Bailey  Chowy  Buster  Keava  Ace  Missy  Dillonreward  Natalie  Frank  Boba  Robin  Flora  Peanut  Copper  Rex  Catarina  Sissy  Uggie  Isabella  Sam  Hope  Chiqui  Stitch  Baxter  Chloe  Zeus  Spot /bubba  Britney  Annie Old Dog  Squirt  Nyle  Coco    Sugar  Whistle  Luna  Peaches  Bruno    Riley  Jasmine  Jerry  Buddy  Duke  Aimee  Marley  Token  Allie  Sophie  Maddy  Brodie  Molly  Bane  Copper  Chiko  Casey  Marshall  Aussie  Nina  Grace  Akira  Lil Red  Mitch  Max  Max  Ty  Chloe Lane  Leya  Pi  Mia  Oscar  Yaeger  Gizmo  Gizmo  Mac  Lulu  Cali    Randy  Bo  Scruffy  Gypsy  Mochi  Copper  Indie  Tuko  Boo Boo  Aurora  Chico  Red  Princess  Santi  Odie  Rocky  Vato  Jake  Luke  Marlie  Britney  Jessie  Luna  Enos  Jameson  Beans  Dexter  Bella  Pinky  Star  Jewel  Tank  Dalton  Nicky  Buddy  Rocket  Chi Chi  Sofie  Dixie  Harvest  Rusty  Biscuit  Mindy  Rammer  Rue  Riley    Daisy  Oreo  Ryman  Bb  Benjamin  Bear  Vader  Maddy  Teddy  Scout  Max  Luna  Tank  Penelope  Lulu  Zoe  Charley  Coaco (sienna)  Archie  Buddy  Hansel  Big Black  Chico  Maple  Lacy  Divo  Blu  Maggie  Bella  Tiva  Jake  Penny  Gracie  Ruger  Teka  Po  Hershey  Brutus  Shaver  Daisy  Pepper    Mystique  Lucy  Apollo  Buddy  Scar  Rascal  Roman Heitker  Baby  Bear  Max  Lani  Skyla  Pepper  Honey  Ella  Bonkers  Crunchy  Cookie  Virgil  Chips  Camila  Reina  Lady  Tinkerbell  Destro  Bailey  Roxy  Astro  Sammie  Charlie  Browny  Luna  Mamas  Bruno Mcmillen    Lila  Mr. Belvadere  Shedeo  Osito  Grunt  Rebel  O.j.  Pink  Winston  Fluffy  Dobby  Bruce  Bailey  Elvis  Strider  Sammi  Mumu  Jack  Rudy  Chloe  Buster  Dirk  Mabel  Haley  Nick  Sookie  Mona  Teddy  Roxy  Oso  Atom  Macho  Yoshi  Tootsy  Salty  Willie  Chubs  Cocoa  Tiger  Myah  Maggie  Roxxy  Chucho  Skipper  Layah  Zeus  Dexter  Casey  Jack  Sophie  Lunch Box  Willow  Olive  Chloey  Max  Bonzai  Sasha  Luna Candy  Bandit  Chuy  Brawler  Lucy  Max  Buddie  Nirvana  Snail  Annie  Mouse  Lucy  Logan  Bella  Lilly  Remy  Bella  Chato  Glory  Chulo  Bear    Titan  Zena  Roxe  Shadow  Sadi  Bennie  Geshbo  Mowgli (enano)  Jasper  Maurice  Ouzo  Chelse  Misty  Memphis  Kairo  Samson  Max  Stewart    Nova  Sayde  Manny  Roxy  Zeiger  Tas Mercado  Max  Charlie  Ella  Andy    Macy  Carlie  Ebony    Moxie  Max  Gypsy  Lissie  Jojo  Harry  Sally  Cassie  Kelly  Bear  Jo Jo  Chapo  Bella  Derby  Nicko  Botas (boots)  Mina  Josie  Aspen  Bobby  Bodhi  Lola  Penny  Gracie  Bo Bo  Hershey  Eddie  Bom  Ca  Angel  Handshome  Casey  Rocks  Cashew  Hershey  Juicy  Alfie  Paco  Piojo  Bailey  Shadow  Scar  Anine  Chika  Max  Gollum  Zz  Coco  Gizmo  Roxy  Tucker  Pateron  Zena  Wilson  Nina  Tappy  Samson  Sadee  Poochini  Scarlet  Gus  Chikis  Sabre  Zoe  Andy  Blackie  Ace And Spade  Minnie  Army  Abby  Sugar/ Sugee  Lily  Ollie  Magnum  Shorty  Luke  Bridgit  Cookie  Ocean  Smudge  Theodore  Goldie  L\'il Girl  Peter  Joey  Terry  Max  Izzy  Tiny  Lily  Remus  Labow    Joey  Oscar  Louie  Tasha  Ruger  Hammer  Chloe  Beefy  Simba  Walter  Ellie  Buddy  Ms Bea  Missy  Govener  Gio  Higgins  Taco  Maggie  Niah  Max  Taco  Maxie  Tucker  Bella  Mattie  Levi  Chi Chi  Amy  Tinkerbell  Kennedy    Sunshine Alcala  Kandi  Donni  Kidas  Savannah  Brandee & Daizy  Max  Kiara  Cassie  Murphy  Coco  Bittie  Lucky  Falkor  Copper  Buster  Bailey  Sissy  Mia  Nyx  Snowball  Andy Or Magee  2 Puppys  Harley  Pup Pup  Xena  Rosabell  Bongo  Lassie  Karen  Dink  Soy  Scooby  Chloe  Colby  Sally/luca  Gizmo  Cooper  Madge  Pancho    Ottis  Buddy  Peace Out Dog  Louie  Baby Mojo  Sparky  Shelby  Chester  Olaf  Willy & Jase  Roxy  Ditto  Jake  Marley  Junior  Cecil  Isaac  Toby  Astro  Arcadius  Bella  Smokey  Prince  Handsome  Koa  Bruno  Roscoe  Dixie  Diggemz & Blaze  Elvis & Colonel  Dixie  Lucky  Sumo  Dudley  Luna  Mia  Conchas  Ivory  Emily  Shadow  Puppy (gretchen  Bella  Hope  Poppy  Zoey  Sokka  Lucy  Harley Girl  Sadie  Jaxon  Packo  Choko  Tawny  Sammue    Raisa  Bailey  Madison  Addie Mae  Baby  Little Boy  Nayaki  Pal  Gia  Romeo  Yobi  Bella  Lyllie  Maya  Hunter  Peanut  Beauty  Mushu  Max  Kimbo  Ollie  Princeton  Octane  Bowser  Rocky  Lucy  Kimi  Mighty Mouse  Joe  Roxie  Draino  Cooper  Teddy  Rocco  Shelly  Tripper  Jake  Duke  Dolce  Little Vicous  Cooper  Asia  Lola  Rosie  Hooch  Bella  Noel  Sam  Simba  Proppant  Logan    Lacy  Nova  Chocolate Bear  Buck  Poison  Baby  Duke  Carl Lafong  Zema  Rolly  Bandit  Cali  Charlie  Molly  Dakota  Angel  Bailey  Heeba  Buddy  Teddy  Bruno  Karma  Taz  Leia  Twiggy  Leilani  Lando  Bella  Precious_pearl  Duke  Pepper  Ace  Benji  Paco  Duke  Flash  Max  Popis  Harry  Bella  Gizmo  Trooper  Hanz  Toro  Jake  Beaux  Duke  Sammy  Jack  Blaze  Grace  Wulf  Jackson  Layla  Bear  Harley  Coffee  Lilly  Samson  Cory  Pixie  Jack  Shadow  Lola  Minaj  Lucky  Wu A  Carna  Gunner  Shityboy  Keyla Rubio  Maddalynn  Scooter  Odysseus  Tink  Milo  Noel  Piper  Jazmyn  Bonnie  Fred  Steeler  Dixie  Jax  Princess  Molly  Jasmine  Mishi  Sophia  Cinder  Scootz  Zoe  Chip/reunited  Boogie  Blackheart  Milley  Chase  Niko  Oso  Chevy  Corgi  Romeo  Louie  Hooch  Max  Eden  Roxie  Jack  Bella  Kingston  Sylas And Aluna  Dexter  Walker  Fluffy  Max  Coco  Schembulock  Coco  Kobe  Rosco  Willie  Sammy  Natty Boh  Leanne Moore  Ike  Wizard  Edie  Maggie  Roxann  Jack  Filbert  Alex  Mogli  Teigan  Daisy  Fiona  Lily  Chester  Charley  Rico  Luna  Andy  Ginger  Merryl  Scrappy  Trigger  Buddy  Bandit  Dixie  Bossy  Max  Red  Meiko  Pepsi  Lara  Puffy    Gabe  Bentley  Sketch  Linus  Tank  Sparkie  Logo  Dori  Boots  Cami  Buba  Chiquata  Tess  Tiny  Fia  Nika  Zues  Brodie  Lil Mama  Jack  Montana  Nova  Petey  Molly Drewry  Murphy  Boo    Mister Capone  Brandy Asnon  Cherry  Jerry  Luna  Doug  Honey  Fifi  Mack  Zeke  Shadow  Luke  Lance  Brixia  Socrates  Oxford  Royce  Daisy  Scooby  Taz    Penny  Joey  Buckey  Bonnie  Molly  Dielse  Bella  Jenna  Buddy  Tess  Mooshy  Ginger  Willow  Luna  Cocoa  Ruby  Cloie  Mikey  Palomo  Dukie  Bernedette  Sophie  Sparkle  Coco  Honey  Bella  Girlie  Sheba  Smiley  Charlotte  Mumu  Honey  Nanook  Butters  Carma  Baldr  Buddy  Molly  Skyler  Joji  Cali  Princess  Tucker  Bennett  Libation  Ace  Irie  Coco  Daisy  Found #351218  Bailey  Jojo  Brutus  Ramzes  Smokey  Duke  Kaya  Chico  Ace  Skeeter  Schnitzel  Otis  Mocha  Duke  Little Jack  Gwen  Gauge  Scooter  Kahliezah  Luna  Star  Max  Laila  Micah  Jameson& Stella  Tex  Heart  Tiffany  Spencer  Chelsie  Riley  Champ  Denali  Oreo  Luna  Bailey  Gemma  Sheba  Chloe  Bebe  Ruby  Ruka  Weddo  Lilly  Lucy  Barney  Jaxx  Indiana Or Indy  Bailey  Cheyenne/shypee  Gemma  Martini  Scout  Kaia  Aki  Sonny  Elliott  Honda  Wooba  Micky  Charlie  Minnie  Chayaka  Miny  Charlie  Checkers  Batman  Dexter  Floyd  Destiny  Simba  Sweet Pea  Blondetta  Buster  Max  Coco  Sassy  Brandy  Brownie  Luchi  Jake  Abby  Fat Boy  Ranger  Asher  Snooki  Igor  Max  Corbi  Casey  Luna  Willie  Niko  Tj  Shorty  Dozer  Cooper  Plume  Taiga  Sadie Wint  Cali  Lady  Ruby  Hope  Baby  Chao  Bailey  Playa  Cody  Mindy  Emmy  Claire  Ben And French  Boomer  Coco  Oscar  Stella  Chester  Charlie  Pink  Foxie Diamond  Bella  Bonnie Belle  Havanna  Roxy    Adanis  Billie  Laney  Molly  Otto  Mishka  Lucky    Dog  Comino  Zero Scooby Doo  Destiny  Xia Xia  Bear  Atlas  Sammy    Lasie  Ace  Luger  Rivers  Quincy  Zues  Brownie By I-29  Angela  Onyx    Sugar Bear  Duke  Cubby  Izzy  Avery  Dirk  Abby  Daisy  Lambchop  Izzy  Fox    Harry  Ivy  Valincia  Patty  Meeku  Travieso  Alpha  Dixie  Marco  Midnight  Sparky  Leyla  Speedy  Cupcake & Bruno  Puggy/jake  Dizzy  Zeke  Wilmer  Ruckus  Flower  Tiny  Jax  Lilly  Rosie  Milky Way  Happy Jack  Pippen Aka Zip  Haley  Chica  Spot  Cocoa  Thimba  Kimbo  Kaitu  Leo  Snowy  Isis  Avery  Callie  Bella  Tootsie  Bowzer  Gaby  Rex  Peppy  Dior  Bella  Duncan  Natalie  Hunter  Baxter  Harley  Daisy (smuckers  Stanley  Daisy  Yogi $500reward  Bella  Max  Doogood  Indy  Sammantha  Chloe  Sasha  Dutchess  Hurley  Mimi  Bones  Ginger  Shadow  Rockosmodernwor  Misty  Koda  Bryson/doge  Delta    Serenity  Sheila  Rosy  Bailey  Belle  Crazy    Gracie  Bob  Cooper  Pele  Buddy  Moose  Bella  Storm / Baby  Harley & Dixie  Lily  Kyzer  B.j.  Found #223522  Luna  Naevia  Misty  Max  Paris  Bambee  Jace  Ellie  Chance  Zeus  Spike  Sky  Daisy  Lady  Danielle  Smuckers  Timmy  Pebbles    Bolt  Cody  Shark  Nana    Bella  Medora  Elesar  Shanti  Phinny  Kody  Jayda  Pain & Prissy  Gizmo  Monster  Athena Rondon  Riley  Tuta  Barney/neelix  Bruce  Mia  Larry  Captain  Batman  Maggie & Blondi  Chewy  Jack-jack  Nellie  Puppy  Muneca  Blaze Celia  Rio  Minyun  Isaiah  Bonbon  Callie  Crunch  Maggie  Kimmy  Buttercup  Daisy  Mo  Debo  Dora  Sandy Kate  Rusty  Vivian  Lily  Toby  Rossi  Athena  Myles  Op  Millie  Rascal    Roxy  Max  Marie  Juliet  Cherry  Piper  Reesa  Lucky  Charlie  Anya  Gus  Bogie  Coco  Spike  Kilo  Bailey  Taz  Bella  Parker  Parrish  Maddy  Cupid  Silly Putty  Halo  Chloe  Tyson  Athena  Sadie  Amy Lou  Baloo  Wilson  Neiko  Chopper  Brisaida  Coontash  Ruby Nieves  Harley    Deedom  Wickett  Disco  Trixie  Toby  Britney  Samson  Kay  Smokey  Mikey  Kudu  Oaklea  Duke  Freckles  Missy  Shadow  Tito  Maddie  Oreo    Cookie  Lennie  Dogi  Rayking  Carma  Chuncky