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Report your lost or found dog so that you can be notified when a matching dog is registered. We will also email our Neighborhood Watch about your missing pet.

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Neighborhood Watch is a community of dog lovers who receive notifications any time missing dog in their Postal Code area is posted on Fido Finder. Join our network of caring dog lovers to help keep an eye out for lost pets in your area. Be a proactive neighbor and help reunite missing dogs.
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Register your dog before they ever go missing. With safe dog registration you will receive notifications any time a dog of the same breed, color and gender is found in your exact Postal Code. In the event that your dog has gone lost while you are at work, or if you simply forget to visit Fido Finder immediately after noticing your lost dog, you can be notified if your dog is found without ever having to interact with Fido Finder.

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Register and you will be contacted when matching lost or found dogs are added to our website.

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Missing dog search tips. Get started on the right foot. Know where to look and what to do.

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Sign up for Shelter Alerts. Shelters receive notifications when lost dogs are listed in their service area.

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Get notifications when lost and found dogs are listed in your area. Spread the word about missing dogs in your area.

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Register your dog before he/she gets lost. Buy a Fido Finder dog tag to ensure their safe return.